Learnings from 20 years of TOC implementation in Indian companies

Mr. Ravi Gilani, Founder and Managing Consultant, Goldratt India, talks about some of the key factors that are imperative for a successful TOC implementation.

Short clip from webinar: Actions to improve free cash flow

More than 50% of the organizations in the world have a constraint in cash currently. The remaining companies, though not having cash constraint currently, may also get into cash constraint in the near term. Ravi Gilani, Founder, Goldratt India is a globally renowned expert and helps companies to overcome cash constraint in a short period of time.

Key Learnings from TOC Masterclass – Prashanth Hegde

Companies that have participated in the TOC Masterclass have experienced tangible improvement in financial metrics within a short period of time. “The biggest change is in the thinking processes, many of our assumptions have been challenged” – Mr. Prashanth Hegde, COO, Tex Zippers, shares his experience.

“What not to do” if you have a cash constraint

In a short clip from the webinar, Ravi Gilani talks about “what not to do” in case of a cash constraint, and provides practical suggestions on how companies can plan their cash flows. Watch the full webinar recording.