Alternate View on Budgets and Review Process

Each year management teams go through a war of nerves – The Annual Budget. Managers spend months negotiating over targets, with everyone playing the regular annual game.

Evaporating Cash Constraint

Do you have orders but are unable to deliver due to cash shortage? Explore some unconventional ways to overcome cash constraint within 13 weeks.

Do’s and Don’ts in a cash constraint

When you have enough cash, it does not matter much. However, if you do not have cash, then nothing else     matters.

Delivery Reliability: The New Competitive Edge

In the last 20 years, Indian organisations have improved product quality to a great degree, but delivery reliability is the one aspect of Indian manufacturing where a similar advantage is yet to be established.

Keeping It Simple

Service providers often try to increase their business by trying to delight their existing customers or offering great benefits to potential customers. However, in many cases, customers end up annoyed.

First, Get Your House In Order!

How can corporate India shift focus from external issues to internal customer satisfaction? What assumptions do we need to challenge? What role do measurements play?