Anyone who has tried to improve delivery reliability knows that planning and production can feel like a battle. Sometimes, even routine tasks do not get completed without fire fighting and expediting. Common issues include:

  • Long production lead-times
  • Poor on-time delivery performance
  • High WIP and FG inventory levels
  • Clients often change their minds
  • Vendors can be unreliable
  • Persistent quality issues

This is an interactive computer simulator-based training where techniques are practiced across a wide variety of real-world situations. Through this workshop, participants will gain a first hand insight into Theory of Constraints application to Production and Operations: Drum Buffer Rope (DBR).

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to TOC and TOC measurements
  • TOC concepts and principles applied to production and operations management
  • TOC solution
for Operations: Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR)
  • Deepening of TOC knowledge through simulation, exercises and examples
  • How to identify and deal with system bottlenecks
  • Translate the learnings into workable practices
  • Create a continuous improvement process in alignment with the overall business strategy

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